Youth Engagement Training & Resources

Youth Engagement Leadership and Office Hour Recordings

FFY 2021

October 2020

Youth Engagement Program Plans New

This office hour webinar showcases discussion amongst local UCCE programs, including youth engagement program plans for the new fiscal year.

FFY 2020

September 2020

Teens as Teachers and Cooking Academy Tools and Strategies 

This webinar provides an overview of Teens as Teachers resources as well as virtual learning components for Cooking Academy.

August 2020

Data Mapping

This webinar highlights opportunities to use data mapping as a tool in youth engagement work.

July 2020

Reporting Youth Engagement in PEARS

This webinar provides information and guidance for reporting youth engagement activities as Direct Education and PSE efforts in PEARS.

June 2020

Technology Tools

This webinar looks at different technology tools that can be used for various purposes in youth engagement work.

May 2020

Youth Engagement Program Models

This webinar identifies and explores a variety of youth engagement program models currently being delivered across CalFresh Healthy Living, UC programs.

April 2020

Safety Protocol Working with Youth

This webinar, presented by Brian Oatman, UC ANR Director of Risk and Safety Services, discusses best practices when working with young people in CalFresh Healthy Living, UC programming

March 2020

Policy, Systems, and Environmental Changes through Youth Engagement Programs

This webinar explores the what, why, and how of Policy, Systems, and Environmental (PSE) changes that result from youth engagement programming. A county highlight from El Dorado County on their youth engagement work and the connection to PSE changes is included. 

February 2020

Partnering with UC 4-H

This webinar looks at frequently asked questions for CFHL, UC programs partnering with UC 4-H. Experiences and discussion from counties who have partnered with UC 4-H are shared, and additional questions are discussed.

January 2020

Positive Youth Development 101

This webinar delves into the foundations of positive youth development (PYD) and how PYD supports effective youth engagement programming.


Training Materials and Other Resources

Tip Sheet for Reporting Youth Engagement Activities in PEARS

This tip sheet was designed to assist in reporting youth engagement activities in PEARS, specific to Direct Education (Program Activities) and Policy, Systems, and Environmental Change (PSE) efforts (PSE Site Activities). For youth engagement reporting questions, please contact Kelley Brian ( and Jennifer Quigley ( for Direct Education or Angie Keihner ( for PSE efforts.

Partnering with UC 4-H Youth Development Program in CFHL, UC Youth Engagement Programming - Frequently Asked Questions

Looking to collaborate with UC 4-H but have some questions? Check out this FAQ document to see responses to commonly asked questions when partnering with UC 4-H in CFHL, UC programs. If you have additional questions, please contact Kelley Brian at This FAQ document will be updated as new questions come up.