Guidelines For Equipment Purchasing


Prior to the Purchase

1) County should use the standard means of procuring non-inventoried equipment (either UCDBuy, purchase orders through DAFIS, etc.). All procurement, vendor payment, and inventorying is handled at the regional or county level.

2) Ensure equipment is budgeted for in the current fiscal year's USDA approved budget. If not please contact the State Office for review and approval of your request

3) Submit a cost estimate and specifications of equipment being purchased to the State Office, including at least a four year warranty period. (This is a requirement for all computers)

4) The State Office will send an approval in writing for purchase of the equipment

5) Use the sub-account "NCEQP" for the equipment charge.

Once Equipment is Received

1) Upon delivery of the equipment or full order, immediately send a copy of the Final Invoice to the State Office.

2) Verify that the order is complete and "received in full" and that the charge(s) on the invoice are correct for what was received.

3) The invoice needs to say "Invoice" on it with a zero balance. An order confirmation or packing slip with the pricing due is not sufficient. Please do not send us anything at the time of ordering.

4) If the vendor did not include or send an invoice; call the vendor to obtain an invoice.

5) The original order receipt & P-card transmittal sheet sent to BOC-K & the State Office at the time of the order is not sufficient documentation. (It is not a requirement, but it would be better if you attached the packing slip to the final invoice and sent both to the State Office.)

6) If it is not possible to obtain an invoice please let the State Office know so that a notation can be made.

UC CalFresh Inventory

1) ADD all new or newly acquired equipment to the UC CalFresh Equipment Inventory List [see resources]. (this includes equipment re-purposed to the county from the State Office).

2) Included on inventory should be:

  • County
  • Fiscal Year or Date Acquired
  • MAKE (i.e., Dell, Xerox etc.)
  • Type of Equipment (Laptop, Printer, etc.)
  • Staff / Position Assigned to: (PRI-Name)
  • Sources of Information
  • Updated (enter a date)
  • COST
  • CAMS #


3) Dispose of all equipment according to UCD / ANR Policy (See Additional Resources) Make a notation on the inventory list that the equipment has been disposed of.

Additional Information

1) All equipment budgeted for in the current UC CalFresh fiscal year is pre-approved and may be purchased.

2) Counties should review their budget and check for pre-approved equipment before requesting the purchase of new equipment from the State Office

Additional Resources

1) For more information on UCD Equipment purchases and CAMS, please visit the UCD Accounting website

2) ANR Equipment Inventory Policy

3) UC CalFresh Equipment Inventory List

For a downloadable guideline for equipment purchasing, click here.