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The CalFresh Healthy Living, University of California State Office normally holds Town Hall Meeting webinars on a monthly basis. Town Halls are normally scheduled for the third Tuesday of every month from 12:30 to 2:00 PM. The discussion topics for these meetings typically cover policy and  procedure, new curriculum roll-outs, program-related issues, and administrative updates. See the CalFresh Healthy Living, UC Training's and Meetings Calendar for details.

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FFY 2020

March 2020

COVID-19 Updates: Communications and Resources, Telecommuting and Equipping Staff to Work Remotely

Presented by: Katie Panarella, Director, Nutrition, Family and Consumer Sciences Program & Policy, UC ANR; Kamal Khaira, Director, CalFresh Healthy Living, UC; and other members of the CalFresh Healthy Living, UC State Office team.

January 2020

CalFresh Healthy Living, UC + UC ANR Branding Guide. And a Nutrition Spotlight: Red Meat and Processed Meat Recommendations Explained

Presented by: Linda Forbes, Director, UC ANR Strategic Communications; and Dr. Anna Jones, UC Davis Center for Nutrion in Schools.

November 2019

Engaging with Food Banks on Wellness and Procurement Policies

Presented by: Katie Johnson, Advisor, CalFresh Healthy Living, UCCE Central Sierra; Wylie Skillman, Nutrition Educator, CalFresh Healthy Living, UCCE Central Sierra; Laura Vollmer, Policy Analyst, Nutrition Policy Institute, University of California.

October 2019

Youth Engagement: The FFY 2020-2022 CalFresh Healthy Living, UC Approach

Presented by: Kamaljeet Singh-Khaira, Director, CFHL, UC; Kelley Brian, CFHL, UC State Office; Anne Iaccopucci, Academic Coordinator for Healthy Living UC 4-H State Office; Brandon Louie, Community Engagement Coordinator, UC Davis Center for Regional Change; Paul Tabarez, Community Education Supervisor II, CalFresh Healthy Living, UCCE Imperial County; Chirs Wong, Community Education Specialist II, CalFresh Healthy Living, UCCE Imperial County.


FFY 2019

September 2019

Koa Family: Growing Health, Connection, and Thriving Communities.  And CalFresh Healthy Living & UC ANR: Branding and Communications.

Presented by: Dr. Neal Kohatsu, UC Davis Health, Institute for Population Health Improvement and Center for Healthcare Policy and Research; Linda Forbes, Director, UC ANR Strategic Communications

June 2019

UC Delivers Blog, Research to Improve Physical Education in California Elementary Schools, PA In Your FFY20-22 IWP 

Presented by: Nilofar Gardezi, UC ANR; Hannah Thompson, UC Berkeley School of Public Health; Michele Byrnes, CalFresh Healthy Living, UC State Office

May 2019

Overview: Site Level Assessment Tools (SLAQs), Farmer's Market Initiative, PA Evaluation Tools

Presented by: Carolyn Rider, Nutrition Policy Institute; Amy DeLisio, Public Health Institute; Angie Keihner, CalFresh Healthy Living, UC State Office

April 2019

UC ANR Master Gardeners, Rethink Your Drink Day, CalFresh Healthy Living Branding Update

Presented by: Missy Gable, UC ANR Master Gardeners, Asbury Jones, CDPH, and Alisa Olson, The Rescue Agency

February 2019

FFY2020-2022 County/Cluster Work Plan Expectations and Deliverables Document

Presented by: UC CalFresh State Office Staff

November 2018

Defining Comprehensive Programming and FY19 Evaluation: New Tools and Objectives

Presented by: UC CalFresh State Office Staff, Highlight Featuring: Shelly Heyes, CDSS, discussing SNAP-Ed LIA Forum Sessions and Speakers

October 2018

PEARS Overview

Presented by: Jennifer Quigley, Barbara MkNelly, and other members of the UC CalFresh State Office


FFY 2018

September 2018

Partnering with Dairy Council

Presented by: Sonia Fernandez Arana & Tracy Mendez, Dairy Council of California; Featuring County Spotlight from Butte County and Santa Clara Counties

August 2018

Fiscal Close Reminders & Curricula Updates

Presented by: UC CalFresh State Office Staff; Featuring County Spotlight from Shasta Cluster

July 2018

Moving from Serving Youth to Engaging Youth

Presented by: Nancy Xiong, UC Davis Center for Regional Change; Metria Munyan, Public Health Institute Center for Wellness and Nutrition, Carmela Padilla and Miranda Capriotti, UCCE Central Sierra, UC CalFresh and William Easlea, UCCE San Mateo/San Francisco, UC CalFresh

June 2018

A Reflection on UC CalFresh and Welcome to the New Director

Presented by David Ginsburg and Kamaljeet Singh-Khaira, UC CalFresh State Office​​

May 2018

Pursuits in Collaboration and Integration Across UC ANR for Deeper Impact

Presented by Katie Panarella and Megan Marotta, UC ANR​​​​

March 2018

PEARS Indirect Activity Module Overview

Presented by UC CalFresh State Office Staff


February 2018

Introduction to Food Waste and California’s Inaugural Food Waste Prevention Week

Presented by Wedi Gosliner, Joyce Lee and UC CalFresh State Office


November 2017

Curriculum Fidelity:  Definitions & Resources

Presented by UC CalFresh State Office Staff


Fruit Juice in Infants, Children, and Adolescents: Current Recommendations


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