Healthy School Food

Healthy School Food

Smart snacks in school settings

CalFresh Healthy Living, University of California’s (CFHL, UC) Healthy School Food Initiative (formerly Smarter Lunchrooms Movement) explores the ways in which CFHL, UC can support Policy, Systems, and Environmental (PSE) changes in school and Early Care and Education (ECE) environments that promote consumption and enjoyment of healthy foods, including fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. 

Related Initiatives

The above initiatives support other aspects of healthy school and ECE environments and are key parts to developing multi-layered comprehensive approaches to school health. 

Training and Resources

Healthy School Food Overview Module Coming soon!

This video provides an overview of the initiative. 

School Meals 101 Videos 

Each of these videos provides a brief (3-5 minute) overview of a different school food topic.

  • What’s in a School Lunch?
  • What’s in a School Breakfast? Coming soon!
  • Offer Versus Serve Coming soon!
  • Universal Meals / School Meals for All Coming soon!

CFHL Statewide Training School Wellness Recorded Webinars

  • The following two webinars included in the training provide helpful information about school meals and nutrition standards in schools. 
  • School Breakfast and Lunch Programs: The Lowdown for CFHL Agencies
  • Supporting Nutrition Standards in Schools Offered and Sold

For additional training specific to the sub-initiatives, please see the relevant subpage for more information. 

Healthy School Food Resources


For specific evaluation resources please see the relevant subpage for more information.