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CalFresh Healthy Living, University of California

State Office

1651 Alhambra Blvd., Suite 130, Sacramento, CA 95816

P: (916) 450-2815 | uccalfresh_support@ucdavis.edu

Program Director

Kamaljeet Singh-Khaira, MS - Project Policy Analysis Manager 1

Evaluation Staff

Program and Evaluation Analyst

Barbara MkNelly, MS - Project Policy Analyst 4

Program and Evaluation Analyst

Angie Keihner, MS - Research Data Analyst 3

Program and Evaluation Analyst

Lolita Quintero - Research Data Analyst 2

Program and Evaluation Analyst

Melanie Alexander, MA - Research Data Analyst 3

Program Staff

Program Manager

Mary Ann Mills, MPH - Community Education Manager 1

School and Community Gardens

Karina Hathorn - Community Education Specialist 4

Smarter Lunchrooms Movement and School Wellness Policy

Anna Jones, PhD - Community Education Specialist 4

Curriculum and Direct Education

Tammy McMurdo, MS, RD - Community Education Specialist 4

Physical Activity

Paul Tabarez - Community Education Specialist 4

CFHL, UC SIA Forum and IWP representative, Formal Site Visit Manager, Communication-Success Stories

Andra Nicoli, MA - Project Policy Analyst 4


Lyn Brock, MA, RD - Training Specialist

Youth Engagement

Kelley Brian, MPH - Community Education Specialist 4

Curriculum and Communications

Lea Villalobos - Community Education Specialist 2

Fiscal and Administrative Staff

Lead Fiscal Analyst

Lindsay Hamasaki, Administrative Officer 4, Supervisor

Fiscal Analyst

Ryan Keeler, Financial Analyst 2

Program Data Analyst


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Business Office Assistant

Fernanda Pereira, Administrative Assistant 3