Garden Implementation

Garden Implementation

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Food based gardening is a beneficial activity that leads to the economical production and consumption of healthy and fresh foods.SNAP-Ed providers can play an instrumental roles in community food gardening for the low-income population. For more information about community gardening please click here

SNAP-ed Supports Food Related Gardening with allowable costs for seeds, plants, small gardening tools and soil. For more information and resources about nutrition education and gardening go to the USDA Food and Nutrition Services gardening page.  You can also view the USDA/FNS webinar on school gardening.

Some ways to implement gardening into your program activities:

  • Establishing community food gardens in low-income areas, such as public housing sites, eligible schools, and qualifying community sites;
  • Assisting with starting a school garden and starting a farm-to-school program;
  • Staff working with Tribal community volunteers to plant a kitchen garden at an FDPIR program site

CDC Peas

CalFresh Healthy Living, UC Garden Purchases

Gardening Curriculum

Ford School Garden


  • Learn, Grow, Eat & Go
  • Nutrition to Grow On
  • Discovering Healthy Choices


  • Fresh From The Garden

Evaluation Resources

Click the link above for the recommended evaluation tools.

Resources from the SNAP-Ed Connection

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