Program Activities

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Forms Trainings and Guidance Webinar

FFY2020 Reporting Forms Training Webinar

Customizing and Distributing Electronic Forms

Participant Data Collection Forms

Teacher/Extender Enrollment Form

Adult Demographic Cards

Without ID#

With ID#

Other Demographic forms

Program Activity Tracking Forms

Direct Education Tracking and CATCH Lessons Forms
Direct Education Tracking Form Instructions
PEARS Data Entry Guidance

Early Childhood Education Tracking Forms

ECE Program Activity Tracking Forms
Go, Glow, Grow
Happy Healthy Me

Support Materials for PEARS Program Activity Module

PEARS User Resources and References


Program Activity Tip Sheet for UC CalFresh Users

This document will take you step by step through the Program Activity Module with helpful links to other resources 

PEARS Surveys Tip Sheet for UC CalFresh Users 

This document will take you step by step through the process for attaching surveys, entering matched pre/post survey data, and using the auto calculate function to generate demographics for your adult class participants (optional approach).

PEARS Training Materials