Virtual Education

Virtual Education


CFHL, UC wanted to continue to reach SNAP eligible communities with quality nutrition education and physical activity during COVID-19. Due to shelter in place orders, traditional methods for delivering education to community members were no longer available. In close partnership with the CFHL, UCCE county programs, the CFHL, UC State Office transitioned education delivery to virtual learning formats.

*Google Drive for CalFresh Healthy Living, UCCE Educators (only)*

  • CFHL, UCCE staff should use the resources provided on the Google drive, for program specific guidance.

Publicly Available Resources

Models for Virtual Direct Education Delivery

Live Virtual Lessons

  • UCCE Community Education Specialists (CES) deliver virtual lessons to students during class time.

The Flipped Classroom Model

  • Online content is provided to students for self-study. UCCE CES or teacher extender then lead a live, interactive session to reinforce lesson concepts objectives.

Delivery through a Teacher Extender

  • CFHL, UCCE provides teachers with a lesson plan template which includes links to videos, activities, and materials. The teacher delivers the content to students during class.

Guidance for Virtual Education Delivery

Resources for Creating Virtual Education Lessons

Virtual Education Delivery Trainings

The trainings listed below provide detailed information on how to use different platforms to create online content.

Distance Learning Technology and Learning Apps

The list below includes a variety or resources our team has found useful in creating fun, interactive, and engaging lessons. Review the Distance Learning Technology and Learning Apps training recording for detailed information on how to use these resources.

Learning Apps

CalFresh Healthy Living, University of California is not connected or affiliated with any of the products listed below, and does not endorse, favor, support, or oppose any content contained therein.

Video Creation Tools

Polling Apps

Reviewing and Approving Virtual Education Materials

The checklists below were created to ensure virtual education content followed guidelines.

Additional Resources to support Virtual Education