Communications Resources

Communications Resources

Funding Statements, And Justice for All Poster, Duplicating SNAP-Ed Materials 

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General Branding

The University of California strives to maintain a consistent and professional outward appearance. To this end we have provided you with all of the tools and resources here to brand your program.

Social Media Guidelines & Resources
State Nutrition Action Council (SNAC)

The State Nutrition Action Council (SNAC)is a state level collaborative with representation from all state agencies and non-profits that implement USDA programs.

  • View a SNAC fact sheet and all SNAC Resources including toolkits and initiatives in Farmer’s Market  and Community Gardens here.

Logos and Wordmark 

  • CalFresh Healthy Living, UC Logo   CalFresh Healthy Living, UC Logo

    • For State Office use: The CalFresh Healthy Living UC logo is used by the State Office when providing technical assistance and trainings conducted by the State Office; reports written by the State Office in compliance with the USDA/CDSS grant such as the Final Report; materials and presentations for national conferences; studies led by the State Office.

Virtual Backgrounds



In each folder find multiple templates: Conference Posters, Handouts, Letterhead, PowerPoints, and Multiple Event Schedule Flyers. 

Color and Fonts

  • Colors
  • Fonts
    • Arial: This contemporary font is designed to perform well on the screen and at small sizes.
    • Raleway: As a secondary typeface this may also be used.

    Photo, Audio and Video Releases

    When selecting photos and graphics for your project keep in mind that one of the Civil Rights Components is public notification, which requires that photos and graphics reflect diversity. Never use any participant photos, audio, or video without permission (UC ANR photo release) and/or appropriate attribution.

    Photo Banks

    Promotional Materials

    Who We Are